Sold Out!!!

After my first workshop on Sunday 30 August, I'm very happy to once again work with the lovely Tango community bringing an amazing workshop for Sunday 6 September! Thanks !!!!!!!!!

Do you want to keep moving?? I have two amazing lessons for you to try!



Saturdays at 4.30 pm (Connection Studios) 

"Technique Fundamentals"

- Many years of work condense in one hour per week. We play, talk, dance and laugh. Deep concepts with a simple approach, easy to understand, with results that you can see the same day. Knowing that everyone is different, and given time to our body to absorb what's happening may be the key for success!

Fridays at 7.30 pm (LDA Broadway Studios)

- A more dynamic, quick lesson. Same methodology, same approach, but working on dance sequences. Sequences that are easy to understand ,basic and no so basic steps, the music and the space around us. The perfect way to end up your week, feeling energetic and dancing your way! 

For more info drop me a line! (Since booking is essential:))



*Regular lessons*