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Picture by Laura Arango in collaboration w/Raquel Duron

"Se dice de mi..."

Belen Silva started her Tango journey at a very early age, in her home town: Avellaneda. 

She studied with the most experienced Technique Tango Teachers, between the late 90’s and beginning of 2000 : Elina Roldan, Guillermina Quiroga, Aurora Lubiz, Elina Ruiz, Paula Rubin… 

But it was Alejandra Arrue who was her mentor and biggest influence. Belen was her assistant in the Centre “Cultural Konex”, Milonga “La Nacional”, “Cachirulo”, and the Festival de Tango de Buenos Aires.

Belen and her partner were selected with other 4 couples (from 100 Tango couples) to work for the biggest Tango event that the famous Argentinean Newspaper “Clarin” hosted in the 9 of July Avenue for one week.

Working in the most prestigious shows in Buenos Aires, she developed her very own Tango Style. Japan, and now Australia (her hometown) are some places where she has worked as a teacher, dancer and choreographer. 

She was the Director and Founder of Made In Argentina Festival (Sydney Australia). The first Cultural Festival of its kind, working with Argentinean and Australian artists. The Festival had its own show: "The Red Rose" (2013) with two presentations in Sydney and Newcastle with full house in both occasions.

Her last work was “The Art of Cadencia”(2016- produced by Anna Griffiths) at The Basement in Sydney.

Background Picture by Laura Arango in collaboration with Raquel Duron

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